Tools / Dashboards and reporting

We offer you all reporting formats: offline and online. And whatever format you choose, we want it to look handmade.

We want our research to make a difference to people and things. That is why we focus primarily on results reporting: We create reports and presentations that are visually compelling, have powerful argumentation and focus on the key findings.

That applies to the manually created PowerPoint presentations just as much as to the automated reports we produce in large quantities for employee surveys and customer satisfaction studies. Or when we make our research results available online in dynamic web reports and dashboards.

The possibilities for presenting results are many and varied but our aim is always the same: Everything should look as if it has been handmade – carefully thought through and created with great attention to detail.  And we do not accept technical restrictions. We believe everything is possible – even if it isn’t always easy to achieve the goal requested.

Reporting solutions

Results in their most beautiful form

POWERPOINT REPORTS created en masse are requested when multiple stakeholders are to receive their “personal” results reports, e.g. in the case of employee/customer surveys. Reports generated offline are sent to the recipient via a download platform.

Dynamic WEBREPORTING makes sense if stakeholders want to delve deeper into the survey results and generate reports on demand. Web reporting can also be used as a download platform for pre-generated reports.

Interactive ONLINE TABULATION enables operational market researchers (limited) access to raw data for cross-tabulation and further data analysis without violating any rules on anonymity.

The DASHBOARD is the standard medium for decision-makers who want to be informed about how key performance indicators are developing, e.g. from constant customer/employee feedback systems or image trackers.