Tools / Customer feedback

We develop feedback systems that give your customers a voice and give you continual information to optimise customer contact points.

Every day, countless transactions take place between companies and customers, yet t is very rare for a customer to be given the opportunity to give specific, event-related feedback. This is where Customer Voice comes in. Implemented as a partially or fully-automated feedback process that is manually completed (e.g. by the employee responsible) or initiated automatically (e.g. from a CRM or ticket system) following a transaction, Customer Voice gives the customer a voice and gives the company continual information to optimise customer contact points determining customer loyalty and satisfaction.

For email or on a website, the customer is invited to undergo a short online interview in which they assess the most recent transactions using open and/or closed questions. After completing the interview, the opinions given by the participant flow into a real-time web report, which displays the aggregated customer feedback over time. If approved, it is possible to restore individual results data in the CRM system.

Customer Voice

The dedicated line to the customer

Requirement for action is immediately apparent

The anchoring of questions in a real event enables us to develop very specific measures

Any improvement measures initiated can be evaluated over time

Customer feedback is specific and substantial, as their memory is fresh, involvement high and effort minimal

Customers see that their opinion is heard and honour that with loyalty