To understand the inner workings of your own company and to identify areas of improvement, honest feedback is needed.

Our range of research includes conducting the complex employee satisfaction survey as well as the targeted questioning of management staff or determining the internal service quality of individual organisational units.

Employee surveys

An expression of corporate culture

Employees who work as one, at all levels, and out of inner conviction, are responsible for long-term corporate success. This valuable resource of a positive corporate culture is accompanied, promoted and shaped by surveying employees and management staff. That’s why our employee surveys quite deliberately take into consideration more than the mere conventional key aspects of employee satisfaction.

Assessment of corporate communication

  • Transparency
  • Openness

Illustration of opinion-forming processes

  • Values
  • Strategy
  • Codetermination
  • Conceptual trends

Bottom-up feedback

  • Support
  • Motivation
  • Trust

Evaluation of teamwork

  • Cooperation
  • Sense of togetherness

Support of change processes

  • Mergers
  • Change management

For us, these dimensions are equally important facets of a holistic approach to corporate culture. This applies irrespective of whether the survey of employees is conducted as part of an annual exhaustive survey or during sporadic ad-hoc studies with a limited target group. Qualitative surveys complete our offer where insights into narrowly defined topics, such as a specific measure of improvement, can be gained.

As the level of a company’s organisation increases, there are also special requirements, which r)evolution tackles with clear guidelines:

Internal service quality

Cooperation in its most beautiful form

Every company’s organisation is based on the division of labour. That’s why reliability, expertise and service orientation of internal service providers are central conditions for smooth business transactions – from human resources to IT support. Problems due to friction, which lead to defects in quality, inefficiency and frustration, can arise where these conditions are not fulfilled. On top of all this, there’s the division of roles of having to be a colleague and service provider at the same time. This situation regularly leads to the service recipient never openly declaring or clearly addressing expectations or criticism.

We recommend taking a hybrid research approach that combines quantitative and qualitative procedures to meet this challenge:

Quantitative surveys

Standard quantitative surveys implemented across all departments provide concrete and comparable points of reference to help identify success factors and service deficiencies as the quality benchmark.

Qualitative surveys

Qualitative aspects of exploration explain the expectations of service recipients and increase the internal credibility of the results by means of direct quotes.

Employees and organisation

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