Methods / Hybrid designs

There are countless possibilities for combining the best of both worlds

Searching for the best study design, one of the most frequently asked questions is: quantitative or qualitative? In many cases, the answer has to be both.

There are countless possibilities for combining the best of both worlds. You also need market researchers who feel at home in both worlds. So right from the start, we organised quantitative and qualitative market researchers into mixed teams and focused on developing them into holistic market researchers. This is how we can provide comprehensive advice without methodical blinkers. And it is often possible to combine the best of both worlds in an integrated study design.

Hybrid designs

The best of both worlds

The ideal hybrid model to increase customer satisfaction (example)

Qualitative preliminary stage

  1. Internal phase: Interviews with employees responsible
  2. External phase: Interviews with customers
  3. Development of a contact point model

Quantitative measurement

  1. Quantitative survey of goal dimensions, customer contact points and interaction factors
  2. Identification of performance areas that require action

Qualitative exploration

For performance areas that require action, individual interviews are carried out to determine operative weaknesses and derive concrete measures


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