Methoden / Agile

Scrum, design thinking, DIY research – companies are becoming increasingly agile. Our research delivers reliable results, even under high pressure.

On the one hand, research in the sprint cycle requires faster processes than normal market-research projects. On the other, DIY flash surveys often cannot meet basic methodological requirements: There is a lack of neutrality and of high-quality samples, reliable results and meaningful analyses. That’s why we’ve designed market-research tools that deliver results quickly without sacrificing quality.

Agile market research

Anything but ‘quick and dirty’

We have been able to derive some success factors of agile market research from our experience in supporting agile projects:

  1. CONSISTENT FOCUS: Agile market research should focus on the key issues. The questionnaire only contains the questions that are really relevant to the research question; the results reports only show the central guiding findings. No piggybacking studies, no ‘what-have-we-always-wanted-to-ask’ questionnaire catalogues!
  2. INDIVIDUAL STANDARDISATION: standardizations are agreed in order to accelerate the whole process by avoiding lengthy discussions (e.g. via scales) for individual sprints. Despite these accelerated processes, there is still room for individual solutions that are tailor-made for the project.
  3. PREVIEWING PLANNING: Sprint-related research modules must also be well-prepared internally for easy retrieval. Lengthy purchasing processes are to be simplified by framework agreements / SLAs by a research framework with a flexible mix of methods per Sprint, defined and negotiated in advance.
  4. CLOSE COOPERATION: Agile processes require closer collaboration and as much direct communication as possible between the institute, company market research and the development team. For all involved, agile projects are more intensive, the insight into the processes of the partners deeper, the involvement higher. It’s an extraordinary achievement that triggers enthusiasm!
  5. CLEAR ROLES: Market researchers do not have to be part of the development team, but are booked as a resource by the team per sprint. We’re always happy to be very close to the project in a consultant role: We’ll continue to advocate for consistent separation of creation/development and insights/evaluation.

Research tools

Assisted online research (community on demand / assisted DIY)

If the agile project team wants to independently ask consumer questions to be completely flexible, an assisted community is the right companion to an agile process.

Depending on your needs, we will set up a qualitative research platform for you, in which we quickly recruit the desired target group (online) and/or program you a quantitative questionnaire at short notice. If you want to interview the same target group regularly over a longer period of time, we’ll build up a continuous community for you.

Throughout the process, you can access the advice and expertise of our experienced market researchers for both qualitative and quantitative methods.

Während des gesamten Prozesses können Sie auf die Beratung und Expertise unserer erfahrenen Marktforscher für qualitative wie auch quantitative Methoden zugreifen.

Sprint focus groups

Group discussions are the most efficient way to identify the needs of a target audience, test developed concepts, and facilitate customer journeys. Since the recruitment of the target persons is time-consuming, personas/profiles should be coordinated in advance and released at the start of the sprint. Subsequently, common consumer target groups can be recruited within 2 to 3 days. Moderation, debriefing, and a precise short evaluation can be realized in a few more days (with 2-4 focus groups). The moderation can be flexibly created as a tandem of developer and moderator, as rapid prototyping over several days, or as a creative workshop.

Agile Booking

Even if a team’s working method is agile, it is often still tied to lengthy purchasing processes in the company when purchasing services. This is where Agile Booking comes in: In advance of the project, all possible methods are defined and budgeted for a defined number of sprints. Depending on the course of the project, the appropriate market research module can be called up at the beginning of each sprint (normally 2 weeks in duration).


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