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What do you do with all the open ones?

All too often, open questions are overshadowed by their standardised counterparts. Although they are informative and relevant, they are equally time-consuming and difficult to analyse. Coding inevitably reduces the meaning, while listing open questions is somewhat overwhelming with its plethora of unsorted information. Ideally, verbatims are initially analysed using content analysis with the resulting qualitative findings secured quantitatively at the second stage. But this also needs a tool to make it easier to review and get a quick overview of the key take-aways.


Efficiently exploring open questions

As an interactive exploration tool, VerbatimExplorer closes the gaps between simple listing and complex coding: You upload open questions into VerbatimExplorer and quickly and easily get into the analysis with graphical illustrations like TagClouds and WordTrees. You can expend on your analyses by using intelligent search and filter functions. The key take-aways can be captured in just a few minutes.

Capture key take-aways using TagCloud and WordTree

Quickly spot striking single entries using field analysis and by linking search words

Compare sub-groups using filters

Check coding by means of listing all entries subsumed under the respective code

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