Tools / Employee feedback

Our toolkit for employee surveys supports and provides you with information throughout all the stages of the employee survey

Practically every employee survey is a special task in terms of method and communication. If it concerns a full survey in a large company, then special organisational and technical challenges also come into play. To overcome them, you need experienced HR researchers and a toolkit that is highly adaptable to the specific features of that organisation.

The technical challenges start with depicting a complex and volatile organisational structure, with references to previous years, in the most up-to-date way possible. It is also necessary to invite the entire workforce to take part in the survey, i.e. also addressing employees across the country who can only be contacted offline. With the same goal, post-nominations and corrections should be possible even during the ongoing survey. And ultimately, it is about reporting “their” personal results to each employee and manager in the best and quickest (ideally live) way possible, in order to proceed to the follow-up process without losing any time and being able to initiate improvements. What is key: 100% anonymity across all levels of the results report must be guaranteed and negative selection must be excluded.

From practical experience, we have developed our own software solutions for employee surveys that respond to these challenges and are highly adaptable to your specific needs and requirements.

Toolkit for employee surveys

OrgManager enables selected managers to create the organisational structure for their particular area of responsibility, which then forms the basis for invitations and results reporting.

InvitationManager enables these managers to invite their employees, by email or by letter, to take part in the survey. The survey itself is then carried out in the form of an online or paper questionnaire.

ResponseMonitor shows participation rates for all organisational units during the field time, taking into consideration post-nominations. It is also shown in real time.

ReportManager provides all survey participants (managers and employees) with their own individual results reports to download and view online. Top management also have access to live results on a dashboard during the field time.