Mind the Gap!

A plea for segmentation in customer satisfaction research.

Standard models deployed to deliver customer satisfaction analysis are capable of recording the status quo of customer expectations, but they frequently disregard group differences. During the development of measures there can arise risks that are not relevant for all customers.

In extreme cases, laborious initiatives are the result of erroneous investment decisions that lack consequence if they are irrelevant for the satisfaction of relevant subgroups. Using two examples from service research, our contribution reveals the added value to be achieved by customer segmentation for classic customer satisfaction studies. Our guiding questions:
Can different satisfaction drivers be proven depending on the residual contract period?
Are there customer segments that judge by similar evaluation models?
Which customer segments could particularly benefit from improvement measures depending on their evaluation model?

Publication download (published in Planning and Analysis, edition 5, 2011)

Mind the Gap!

AUTHORSDr. Anita Petersen
Sven Slodowy
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